Evening performance in Rojales by musician and visual artist

The artists in residence of the Rodeo Caves in Rojales, the collective Art N Ground are putting on a musical-multicoloured show on Wednesday, September 14th at 8pm by the musician José Luis Fraga and the engineer and visual artist Iván Lucas.

“Open Code”, they informed, is a conversation between notes and colours and the result of research by Fraga and Lucas during their residence in the Art N Ground cave. They explained the harmony between traditional and digital resources, wind instruments and live processes.

José Luis Fraga is a clarinettist from Galicia based in Madrid whose work ranges between versions of popular songs and new formats of concerts. His melodies are accompanied by pedals for guitar, loops and other processors.

Iván Lucas is trained as an engineer but art is his passion. In recent years he has lived in countries in Asia, exploring their traditions through plastic arts and performance. Now in Spain he has gone back to using technology as his creative palette, questioning the digital tools and seeking a balance with the digital arts.

There is another chance to see the show on Thursday, September 15th at 9pm in the Auditorio Puertas de Castillas in Murcia.

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