Torrevieja shopping centre to put on challenges and offer gifts to participants

If you are already fed up with the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality video game that seems to have gripped half the world since its launch at the beginning of the summer, then avoid the Habaneras shopping centre in Torrevieja this weekend.

On the other hand, if you are one of the many fans then Habaneras already has everything: Pokegym, Pokepreparada and hundreds of species walking around its different spaces, ready to be captured.

And from this weekend hundreds of these fanatics will be flocking there to join in the Pokegymkana, an activity designed for the whole family that will continue until Sunday, September 25th.

The Pokegymkana can be played in pairs, and the first thing that anyone interested has to do is go to the Habaneras centre information point to register and collect their Pokedex, a kind of passport that they take with them throughout the whole game. There will be five Pokepreparadas in the shopping centre and the players will have to overcome the different challenges to complete their Pokedex.

Additionally, all the pairs of players will have to participate in the final combat, in a tatami of more than 100 square metres in the central plaza.

Every player will get a gift and those who complete the five challenges and the final combat can win Pikachu. The activity can be followed on social networks with the hashtag #PokegymkanaHabaneras.

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