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Day: September 6, 2016

Pokémon fever at Habaneras this weekend

Torrevieja shopping centre to put on challenges and offer gifts to participants If you are already fed up with the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality video game that seems to have gripped half the world since its launch at the beginning of the summer, then avoid the Habaneras shopping centre in Torrevieja this weekend. On the other hand, if you are one of the many fans then Habaneras already has everything: Pokegym, Pokepreparada and hundreds of species walking around its different spaces, ready to be captured. And from this weekend hundreds of these fanatics will be flocking there to join in the Pokegymkana, an activity designed for the whole family that will continue until Sunday, September 25th. The Pokegymkana can be played in pairs, and the first thing that anyone interested has to do is go to the Habaneras centre information point to register and collect their Pokedex, a kind of passport that they take with them throughout the whole game. There will be five Pokepreparadas in the shopping centre and the players will have to overcome the different challenges to complete their Pokedex. Additionally, all the pairs of players will have to participate in the final combat, in a tatami of more than 100 square metres in the central plaza. Every player will get a gift and those who complete the five challenges and the final...

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Mozart’s Requiem in Dolores church

Concert with choir and orchestra on Friday The church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, in the town of Dolores, will host a concert of Mozart’s Requiem on Friday, September 9th at 9pm. The concert is part of the activities being put on in Dolores to celebrate the jubilee year of its patron, and will be performed by the Vinalopó Choir and the San Vicentre Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Juan Luis Vazquez and José Javier Victorio, respectively. There will be performances by four soloists, Maria José Sampere (soprano), Mario González (tenor), José Cabrera (bajo) and Cocha Marcos de León...

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Recycling party at Velice disco

Have fun, win prizes and care for the environment An ‘Ecoparty’ to make young people aware of the need to recycle will be taking place at Velice dico in Torrevieja. Councillor Fanny Serrano said this is because the municipality is “far from the Spanish average for recycling paper and packaging”. The event has been organised by the Town Hall in collaboration with Velice and will start at midnight on Friday, September 9th. The party is also linking up with the Hora Joven Fest youth fair, which takes place the same day from 6pm at the Eras de la Sal. Anyone who attends the Hora Joven Fest with any kind of packaging or product that can be recycled will get a free ticket to the Ecoparty. Anyone who comes to the Ecoparty with the same will get a scratch card offering the chance to win different prizes. Serrano said that recycling is not a priority for young people between 15 and 25 and so the Town Hall has decided to organise this activity with the message that having fun can be compatible with respecting the environment. The administrator of Velice, Gustavo Álvarez said all the scratch cards will have prizes, like promotional fans or t shirts, shots and drinks. He said the disco will be decorated especially on an environmental theme, with staff even dressed in clothes that allude to...

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Orihuela Costa rubbish tip fire hazard

Socialists warn of danger in area which already caught fire in August Barely a month ago a fire started for unknown reasons in the ravine between Villamartín and Montezenia in Orihuela Costa. Fortunately it was controlled quickly and no people or property were harmed. But on Tuesday Socialist (PSOE) councillor María García demounced after visiting the site that “this area and its surroundings are an improvised tip, as most of the earth is covered with rubbish, rubble, cans, branches etc. and is a danger in the area where we live because of the risk it could result in a forest fire”. She reminded that Orihuela and most of the Valencian Community are at risk of fire from the high temperatures, vegetation and scarce rain. In order to prevent this, she considered it fundamental that “the Town Hall tells the owners of land to keep them in conditions that are safe and healthy and attractive to the public, by clearing vegetation, cleaning them up and making them look decent so that fires do not start or spread”. She said it is surprising that after the ire in August the Town Hall has not paid special attention to this area, since as well as the accumulated rubbish it is also very close to...

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Orihuela almost hit 44ºC and Torrevieja beat records

Monday’s temperature was the highest for September since records began The weather forecast for Monday was not wrong and it really was an extremely hot day across much of Spain. In the Vega Baja the temperatures were very high, reaching 43.8ºC in Orihuela, according to data from MeteOrihuela, and 36.7ºC in Torrevieja at the weather stations of the Mastral Project – which is the highest for the month of September since records began in the town. The influence of the westerly wind and hot air blowing in from Africa turned the increase in temperatures into one of the hottest days of 2016 in the Vega Baja. The temperatures have dropped notably today, Tuesday and will remain about the same for the rest of the week. So far there is no sign of any change in the form of...

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