Guardia Civil found marijuana, methamphetamine, speed and codeine

Pilar de la Horadada Guardia Civil have arrested four men who are suspected of two drug trafficking offences and one of defrausing the electricity supply in Orihuela Costa.

At the house there was a contant traffic of youths entering and leaving, although some stayed inside for several hours. This worried neighbours and so the Guardia started to investigate.

The officers arrested two people leaving the house in a vehicle transporting a large qualtity of pills and two bags of a white substance that tests found to be methamphetamines, speed and codeine.

After finding enough evidence, they searched the house, finding 2 kilos of marijuana in different jars and classified according to its type and quality, 44 grams of hashish, 14 grams of amphetamines, 2 doses of cocaine and two methamphetamine tablets, which coincided with what was confiscated from the two men in the car, so they arrested the two men inside.

Also in the house were notes showing sales made, scales, tools and manipulated aerosol cans for hiding marijuana inside, security cameras amd two hunting dogs in the garden.

The lounge had various waterpipes for smoking drugs and a bar with tools and drugs ready for sale.

They had put an air extractor in the chimney to clear the smoke as the officers had seen up to 10 people at once in there to take and acquire drugs.

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