The operation will extend to all beaches from July 4th to August 31st

The Red Cross in Guardamar already has a team of lifeguards on the beaches in the town: Playa Centreo, Playa Roqueta and the part of Playa Babilonia that is open to the public. This operation will be provided daily from the hours of 11am-7pm, with 11 lifeguards, two quads, two jet skis and a vehicle for rapid interventions eequipped with a semi automatic defibrillator.

From July the 4th until August 31st this operation will be extended to all the beaches in the municipality, which are: Centro, Roqueta, Babilonia, Moncayo, El Campo and Ortigues, with increased human resources (40 professionals including lifeguards, boat captains and base managers) and also with an extension of the timetable, which will be from 10am-8pm.

The Red Cross and Guardamar Town Hall have asked for maximum prudence, to respect the colour of the flags and the indications of the lifeguards. Remember: Yellow means precaution and red means swimming is prohibited.

The Red Cross emphasised the importance of especially little ones, just as nor should we be careless with elderly people. Swimming in the allocated areas is fundamental to avoid accidents, so it is recommended to swim on guarded beaches , taking the hours of the lifeguard service into account. It is also important to avoid getting into the water brusquely, above all after having been in the sun or having eaten., they reminded.

You also have to be careful if while swimming you feel strange symptoms like, sickness, vertigo, stings, shivers or head or neck pain.

Certificate of Quality

Guardamar Councillor Ana Martínez and the Red Cross coordinator of beches, José Luis Henrández informed the population that the lifeguard service of the Red Cross on beaches of the Valencian Community has an AENOR certificate of quality complying with rule 900 1:2008. This certification recognises the quality of the service that the Red Cross has been providing for many years, thanks to the work of hundreds of professionals who look after the safety of swimmers and people on the beaches.  

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