Day: May 23, 2016

Joint plan to stop “looky looky” vendors

Pilar, Orihuela, Torrevieja and San Pedro to defend their beaches Politicians from Pilar, Orihuela, Torrevieja and San Pedro Town Halls, as well as representatives of the Police and Guardia Civil met last week to tackle the problem of illegal street vendors on the beaches of their municipalities. Pilar councillor José Tomás Saura said that by “maintaining contact between all the police forces and increasing security on the beaches, this type of illegal selling can be significantly reduced”. The politicians assured that the main objective is to join forces so that tourists can enjoy themselves and relax on our beaches. During the meeting, the police chiefs repeated that prevention is important when it comes to tackling these problems, at the same time as it is important to apply pressure to keep these vendors off the beaches. The four Town Halls will put together informative leaflets for residents, tourists and people who come for the summer can find out the risks that come with buying products that have not been officially approved, and of eating food of questionable origin. The Local Police and the Guardia Civil expressed their intention to coordinate with each other and pass information between them to dissuade vendors and control all forms of criminal activities. They also said they will carry out preventative work with a daily police presence on the beaches so that they can decommission...

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Chase in Torrevieja leaves two Guardia injured

The suspect was wanted and has now been caught Two officers of the Guardia Civil have been injured on Sunday afternoon in Torrevieja after an accident in the centre of the town, specifically at the junction of Calles Caballero de Rodas and María Parodi. The two patrols were chasing a driver who, after the officers had previously ordered him to stop, tried to escape through the streets of the centre. The fugitive, who had a warrant out for his arrest, has since been...

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Divers clean the seabed in Torrevieja

They found objects including an engine and a shopping trolley Four divers went out on Saturday to clean the sea bed off Los Náufragos in Torrevieja. They managed to pull out two wheelie bins full of rubbish, as well as objects including a petrol engine from a boat and a supermarket shopping trolley. The initiative was carried out at no cost by the company contracted to manage services like sun beds and jet skis on the beach – Recreativos Acuáticos Horadada. They went to work very early so that they did not bother people wanting to swim at the beach, who are already filling the shores thanks to the good weather, and they were accompanied by councillor Javier Manzanares....

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Guided tours of plant life in Pilar

Unemployed trainees will act as guides in June and July A series of environmental days and guided tours are going to be put on in Pilar de la Horadada in June and July. A green employment workshop has been set up to teach the unemployed participants how to install and maintain gardens and green areas, for which they will receive a level II certificate of professionalism. The organisation promoting this training, CONVEGA will use recycling workshops in the summer school for local children and guided tours for adults to enable participants to discover species of plants that grow in the municipality which are of very interesting ornamental value, for their grace and beauty. The workshop students planted different species in local parks in December, specifically on Avenida Camino José Cela, Parque 30 de Julio and the Plaza de Santo Domingo. As well as maintaining these space for the municipality, they have organised these environmental days and guided tours. The children attending the Summer School will learn how to reuse waste and turn it into a toy, as well as finding out different species of plants. The guided tours for adults will be held by the workshop students and will each last an hour and a half. Participants will get a leaflet and be told about the different native species of plants and those that cause problems, as well as...

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Torrevieja approves Natural Park visits

First round of tours fully booked before they were even announced Guided tours of the Natural Park of the Torrevieja and La Mata Lagoons can now be booked after last week the Local Government approved payment for a programme which will include nine tours by day, nine by night and the same number of dramatised excursions. Councillor Fanny Serrano said she was happy that this project by the Tourism and Environment Departments has been approved, after the pilot tour put on at the end of 2015 went down so well. As soon as this proposal was revealed, “there was no time to put out posters advertising it, all the routes were immediately fully booked,” she assured. The contract was awarded for just over €15,300 and if everything works out as well as expected the intention is for them to become a permanent...

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