Day: May 16, 2016

Computer virus attacks thousands of internet connections in the Vega Baja

Up to 10,000 people’s WIMAX antennas could be affected International internet security observatories detected a viral attack on Friday, informed the Wimax Levante Association. This deliberate breakdown was based on some malicious code that destroys the configuration of antennas that provide internet service to clients using the Wimax system, which uses wireless connections. The end result is that affected users are left with no internet service. Wireless systems are above all used to provide internet connections in areas where fibre optic or ADSL cables are deficient or non existent. The Vega Baja is one of the parts of Alicante province where they are most commonly used. The affected networks are those that use the technology of the leading North American company Ubiquiti Network (UBNT), which is based in San José, California. This virus based on scripts has been baptised “Mother f*cker” by its makers and its effects have already been seen to have extended to networks across five continents. This has resulted in thousands of people being left without internet connections since the weekend. The virus could have affected about 10,000 people in the Vega Baja, although the Wimax Levante Association said it is difficult to calculate. This attack does not affect the computers, only the internet reception antennas and so to resolve it requires the intervention of technicians from the service providers. It is expected that it could...

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La Zenia clean up – but not by Town Hall

Residents and businesses take matters into their own hands By CLARO political party Fed up with the failure of Orihuela Town Hall to clean up the main road from La Zenia Roundabout, local business owners and residents, with C.L.A.R.O. members in support, carried out their own clean up on the 12th of May. They removed weeds from the street which had grown to impressive heights and litter from the area which is in a sense the main entry into Orihuela Costa, leading to La Zenia Boulevard and Villamartin. It has been in a shameful state of neglect for years. This would be unimaginable in the centre of Orihuela city where the taxes from the coast are spent to keep the historic centre of Orihuela and the surrounding green parks and gardens scrupulously clean. We can thank the local La Zenia Association for their initiative and hope it prompts Orihuela Town Hall to do the job we pay them for and keep Orihuela Costa clean and tidy. Work in progress at initiative of local business owners and residents to clean up main road from La Zenia...

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Orange thieves caught in San Miguel

Suspects stopped on the motorway with over a tonne of fruit in two cars The Guardia Civil have arrested four Spanish men aged between 18 and 32 on suspicion of stealing oranges in San Miguel de Salinas. The arrests were made on May the 9th when a patrol intercepted two vehicles travelling on the A-7 motorway towards Alicante, which were carrying such a large quantity of improperly loaded oranges that they posed a danger to other road users. When the officers identified the four occupants of these vehicles, they found that the men could not prove that they had legally acquired these oranges and so their cargo was confiscated. After making some checks, the officers found that the oranges had been stolen from a farm in a rural area of San Miguel called Lo Lorente, and so the four men were arrested. The oranges, which were found to weigh a tonne and a half, have been returned to their...

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Vega Baja Hospital adds treatments for pelvic floor injuries

Electro stimulation technique based on traditional Chinese medicine This electro stimulation technique, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine, consists of stimulating the posterior tibial nerve at a point which is located 5 centimetres above the tibial malleolus on the inside of the leg. Electrical stimulation of this modulates the roots of the sacral plexus, which play a part in the visceral and muscular control of the pelvic floor. Doctor Pedro Corterón, the department urologist, claimed that “peripheral neuromodulation has been shown to be an effective alternative for the management of diverse disfunctions of the pelvic floor. It is just an evolution of the different classic techniques of neuromodulation (vaginal, penile, pudendal root and sacral stimulation)”. It is applied to those patients who do not respond to initial treatment. They go on to a second line of treatment, as is recommended in international clinical guides. “Neuromodulation of the posterior tibial and injection of botulinum toxin (botox) are the two techniques we now have at the hospital and, although we are still waiting for definitive data, the effectiveness for patients is turning out to be very satisfactory,” emphasised Dr Coterón. The nurses of the Urology service, who have ample experience with this type of disfunction, are in charge of applying the electro stimulation every Monday morning. Ana Rosa Ruiz Vidal, the nursing supervisor, indicated that “This responds to the need...

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