Day: May 12, 2016

The family that robs together, stays together

Couple arrested burgling a house in Algorfa with their children The Guardia Civil have arrested a Spanish couple on suspicion of attempting to break in to a house in Algorfa while they had three children inside their car. The thieves went to the house on April 29th bringing tools and broke the lock to the grounds. They drove their car in and parked it at the entrance to the house. Then they cut the wires to the alarm and broke open the front door and went inside. Meanwhile, because the alarm went off when they tampered with it, the company alerted the owner, who was just a few minutes away and so went to the property and called the Guardia Civil. When the owner arrived and saw that the gate had been forced, he closed it and locked it to stop the intruders getting away and waited for the officers to arrive. When the Guardia did get there they found that the suspects were indeed inside the premises and so arrested them for attempted burglary. On checking the vehicle, the officers saw there were three children inside, aged between 6 and 10, all of them children of the female suspect. The man and the woman arrested, a 29 year old man and a woman of 45, have been put at the disposition of the...

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Red Cross camper van now offering showers to the homeless in Orihuela

This pioneering service is already operating in Guardamar and Callosa Homeless people in Orihuela now have a service that allows them to have a wash at least once a week in decent conditions. The Red Cross has presented a vehicle to provide this to them and also to people with homes but whose water or electricity supplies have been cut off, or whose boiler might be broken and they cannot afford to get it fixed. It is a camper van that works as a mobile day centre and, according to Orihuela Red Cross coordinator, Pilar Ibánez, is a pioneering initiative in Spain and is already being used in nearby Guardamar and Callosa de Segura. The vehicle has four showers in two separate cubicles, one of which is usually used to store towels and personal hygiene and medical kits for users. Every Thursday it is set up in the car park of the Ociopia Commercial Centre in Orihuela city from 10:30am to 1pm. This service for people in extremely vulnerable situations also offers them food and even a place on one of the training courses offered by the Red Cross. Ibañez indicated that in 2015 they had attended to 90 people and so far this year they already have done so with 65, so she expects it to be well used. In Guardamar and Callosa the vehicle is quite busy,...

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Six Local Police police interns start duty in Rojales

The municipal force now has 38 members The staff of Rojales Local Police Force now has 38 members after on Thursday morning six new officers took up their duties. At a ceremony held in the council meeting hall of the Town Hall, at which Mayor Antonio Pérez, Councillor Lourdes López, Rojales Local Police Superintendent Iñaki Esparza, Torrevieja Guardia Civil Chief Alfonso Martín, Almoradí Guardia Civil Chief Antonio García, and families and friends of the new officers were present. In the emotional ceremony, the new officers took their oaths of duty and became part of the force, which is now made up of a Superintendent, and Inspector, six senior officers and 30 officers. The Mayor told the new recruits about their responsibilities not just as public servants but as Local Police, saying citizens are “going to ask you to give your best”. He noted the professionalism and specialisation that police officers must have to act and control the different situations that can happen every day and because they are the first to arrive to any emergency. “In some cases they have to deal with traffic accidents where people are hurt and have to act as medics; in others like domestic problems they have to be psychologists, or fire fighters, or lawyers when writing reports,” he said. He added that Rojales Town Hall will put the officers on continuous and varied...

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Five drinks too many, occifer

Driver arrested after damaging other car and front of a house in Guardamar Guardamar Local Police arrested a person on Sunday who had been driving while five times over the alcohol limit. The Police had been informed of a traffic accident at a crossroads in the area. When they arrived they saw that the driver who caused it showed clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol. When they applied the test they found that the driver had 1.28mg per litre of alcohol in their breath, which is five times over the permitted level of 0.25mg/l. This resulted in the driver being arrested immediately. Fortunately there were no consequences of the accident other than the damage to the two vehicles and the front of a...

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Orihuela Fair Trade shop branches out

It will have a stall at the Saturday market and has launched a social network campaign Orihuela is the only municipality in the Valencian Community to be recognised as a Fair Trade City, partly because the Town Hall promotes the shop selling such goods, which is on Calle Mayor. All these products are obtained by treating workers and the environment with respect and are renowned for their high quality. Since it s World Fair Trade Day on May 14th, this Saturday the shop will be publicising its products at a stall on the Saturday market in the city, as well as outside the shop itself. Anyone who wants to will be able to taste the food and test the quality of the items. There are about 100 places in Spain and more than 50 countries that participate in this movement. They are encouraging the public to post a photo of themselves on social networks with a sign saying “I’m fair trade, are you?” (or “Soy comercio justo, ¿y tú?” in Spanish) using the hashtag #FairTradeDay (or #SoyComercioJusto). There will also be a photocall in the Saturday market for anyone who wants to join in. On Wednesday, the shop managers offered a fair trade breakfast with coffee and chocolate to Mayor Emilio Bascuñana and Councillors Damaso Aparicio and Sabina Galindo. They noted that they do not want to make a...

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