Off duty officer prevented the attack in Orihuela village but two masked men fled in a stolen car

Orihuela Local and National Police have arrested two men suspected to have tried to rob a petrol station in the village of Arneva in March. The rapid action of an off duty officer prevented them from carrying out the attack but they both managed to get away at high speed in a car.

This happened at 6:30am on March 30 when the officer, who was returning home after finishing his shift, noticed a vehicle with its lights off in the entrance of the petrol station and two masked people armed with knives running inside. The officer went after them and stopped one of them from attacking him with a knife.

The Local Police posted a video from one of the security cameras on their Facebook profile, which showed the two masked men leaving after noticing the presence of a third person telling them to get out of the shop.

Now they have confirmed that one suspect was arrested by the Local Police and the other by the National – who after their arrest were put at judicial disposition – and that the car they used had been stolen that same night. The officers have recovered the vehicle and returned it to its owner, who still had not realised it had been stolen.  

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