Day: May 10, 2016

Torrevieja to host activities about fibromyalgia

Conferences, information, open doors day, tai chi classes and more Torrevieja Councillor Carmen Morate and the Association ASIMEPP have presented four days of activities about fibromyalgia in the town from May 11th-14th. Morate expressed her support both for the association and for people who suffer from this illness, which is a chronic rheumatic condition characterised by musculo-skeletal pain and tiredness. She spoke of it as a “ghost illness, as it is not easy to diagnose and not everyone who suffers from it makes it public”. Fibrolmyalgia can affect anyone, but is most common among middle aged women and could be suffered, according to a study by the Spanish Rheumatology Society by between 2 and 4% of the population of Spain. It is an illness that has no cure but following treatment and living a healthy lifestyle can alleviate its symptoms. “This is why it is important to talk about it and find out what are the guidelines that will help to make you feel better,” Morate assured. ASIMEPP Secretary Maite Miralles noted that May 12th is International Fibromyalgia Day and explained all the activities they have organised to make this illness more visible. Activities The days open on May 11th at the Torrevieja Casino Cultural Society with three conferences about the prevention of incontinence, the effects of fibromyalgia on the eyes and the latest advances in treatments. They will be...

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Search for Torrevieja’s hidden young talents

Quest to put on theatrical, musical or audiovisual events to fill the municipality’s “cultural void” Torrevieja Town Hall has set up ‘La hora joven’ (The time of the young), an open initiative to find out the concerns and projects of local young people (under the age of 30) relating to the theatre, music and audiovisual arts. They intend to bring to light “the hidden talent and organise events”. Councillors Alejandro Blanco and Pablo Samper informed they have set up an email address for young people to send in their ideas: [email protected] Blanco explained this project responds to the need to listen to young people’s proposals in different disciplines and offer them the support and the spaces to be able to realise them. Samper indicated it is a response to the “cultural void in Torrevieja after 28 years of a PP local government”. He said the town “has grown and developed ignoring the young population”. As an example he indicated that “there is only one youth association in a town of 100,000 inhabitants, which shows there have been no resources or mediums provided to encourage and develop this sector of the population”. Young people can send in an email proposing conferences, concerts, performances, meetings, alternative fun activities, etc. The proposals received will be worked on “in order to make them visible and show their potential in public spaces”. Samper insisted...

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This is how Mercury’s transit across the Sun looked from Torrevieja

Rain and clouds threatened to block the view of this astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated until 2019 Transit of Mercury from Torrevieja / Joaquín Carrión Despite clouds and rain getting in the way for most of the day, residents of Torrevieja were able to enjoy the astronomical phenomenon of the year; the transit of the planet Mercury in front of the Sun. From 1pm until just after 8:30pm, the planet which is nearest the Sun and also the smallest in our Solar System passed right in front of the star for all to see from the Earth. Given it’s small size it was necessary to use telescopes with the proper protection. The start of the event was retransmitted live over the internet from Torrevieja and from 6pm this could be watched in the port area of the town. When the rain stopped and the clouds started to go away, dozens of people including many children from the Romualdo Ballester School watched the small circle of Mercury against the immensity of the Sun, thanks to a telescope set up by the Mastral Project and the Astroingeo astronomical association of Alicante. The event will not be repeated until the year 2019, when from Spain we will be able to see the transit at...

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Last chance to register for a postal vote in the EU Referendum

British expats living in Spain have until Monday May 16th to register From the British Embassy in Madrid British expats living in Spain have until Monday 16 May to register for a postal vote in the EU Referendum. That is the deadline for making sure you can receive your ballot papers in the post and send them back in time for your vote to be counted. Voting papers will be sent out in the week beginning 23 May. If you do miss the deadline for a postal vote, you can still register at but you will need to choose someone in the UK to vote for you, known as a proxy vote. Alex Robertson, Director of Communications at the Electoral Commission, says: “If you register to vote by 16 May it should be easier to vote by post, as postal votes for the referendum will be sent out earlier than usual, giving you more time to receive, complete, and return your ballot pack to the UK. “If you wish to vote by proxy, bear in mind that the person you choose to vote on your behalf must be registered and eligible to vote at the referendum. “The EU Referendum is going to be a significant event and we know lots of UK citizens will want to make their voices heard. Please spread the word. You can go to...

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