For Infants and Primary it is May 9th-19th, while for Secondary and Bachillerato it is May 23rd-June 2nd

The Valencian Government has set the registration periods for Infant, Primary, Secondary (ESO) and Bachillerato education, and Torrevieja Councillor José Hurtado asked the media to make sure the public are aware of them.

He explained that the period to request places in Infant and Primary schools is from May 9th-19th, while for Secondary and Bachillerato it is May 23rd-June 2nd. The admissions calendar for Professional Training (Formación Profesional) and the Basic Qualification Training Programmes (Programas Formativos de Cualificación Básica) are expected to be published in June.

The councillor informed that the Town Hall website ( has an area in the education section with information about the 2016/2017 admissions procedure for pupils, where as well as the decrees and resolutions the application forms and complementary documents can be downloaded.

Admissions Calendar for Infant and Primary Education Pupils

Until May 4th: Publication of school catchment areas.

May 9th: Publication of vacant places.

May 9th-19th (both inclusive): Presentation of admission applications and corresponding. documentation at the first choice school.

Until May 27th: Evaluation of applications.

June 2nd: Publication of provisional lists of those admitted and not admitted.

June 2nd-6th (both inclusive): Period to present objections to the provisional lists before the directors of public or subsidised (concertados) schools.

Until June 8th: Answers to objections (if no answer is received it is understood that the application has been accepted or denied depending on whether the pupil features on the definitive lists of those admitted and not admitted.

June 14th: Publication at schools of the Definitive Lists of pupils admitted and not admitted.

June 14th-15th: Objections to the Municipal Schooling Committee (Comisión Municipal de Escolarización).

Until June 17th: Resolution and Replying in writing to the objections by the Municipal Schooling Committee. Appeals to the Territorial Director of Education can be made one month from receipt of the decision made by the Municipal Schooling Committee.

From June 17th-29th (both inclusive): Period for formalising registration in each school. IF THE REGISTRATION IS NOT FORMALISED BEFORE THE ESTABLISHED DEADLINE THEN THE PLACE GRANTED WILL BE LOST.

June 30th: Registration of pupils on the waiting list (vacant places that have been renounced or are surplus)

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