Day: May 3, 2016

Sevillanas Fair starts in Torrevieja on Wednesday

Turning on the fairground lights is the cue for five days of fiestas The Torrevieja Sevillanas Fair starts on Wednesday, May 4th and will continue until Sunday, explained Mayor José Manuel Dolón, Councillor África Celdrán and the President of the Casa de Andalucía ‘Rafael Alberti’, Rosa Martínez. He thanked the organising association for their work and everyone else who has pitched in and the businesses that have collaborated. Rosa Martínez agreed it had been a lot of work and would not have been possible without the people of Torrevieja. África Celdrán also thanked the association and all the associations and groups of friends who will be running the casetas (tents with music, dancing and food), of which this year there will be 29 and they have restored their traditional names. There is a basic timetable of the activities below and you can download the full programme of events in Spanish and a map of the casetas here: Wednesday May 4th 9pm: Inauguration, turning on the fairground lights, performance of the hymns of Valencia and Torrevieja by the Torrevieja Musical Union band and José Hodar choir. Fireworks. 9:30pm: Paya’s dance academy. 11pm: Ritmo del Sur band from Jaén. Thursday May 5th 8.30pm: Lola Morales dance academy. 9:30pm: Alba Rociera choir. 10:15pm: QK dance academy. 11.15pm: Pura Sangre flamenco group from Elche. Friday May 6th 8.30pm: Nueva Generacion choir and Azahar...

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Guardia Civil alert for ‘friendly robberies’ in Bigastro

Mayoress also wants to stop use of ‘Lebanese loop’ in cash machines The Mayoress of Bigastro Teresa Belmonte has published an official announcement warning the public that so-called ‘friendly robberies’ have been detected in the area by the Guardia Civil. These robberies are normally committed by a group of women who, after picking a victim who is normally an elderly person wearing bracelets or gold chains, usually ask them for directions to a medical centre. It is then that they enthusiastically hug the victim to thank them and use these ‘hugs’ to steal the person’s gold jewellery. The same announcement recommends that residents pay attention when a vehicle, normally driven by a man and with women inside accompanied by a child, comes over asking for information and they give thanks for this help with some kind of bodily contact. Lebanese loop It also informed that the Guardia have detected cases of the so-called ‘Lebanese loop’ in some cash machines. With this method, the criminals place a metallic device in the mouth of the slot so that the card is trapped inside and afterwards they use tricks to find out the secret numbers and take money...

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May means time to register the kids for school

For Infants and Primary it is May 9th-19th, while for Secondary and Bachillerato it is May 23rd-June 2nd The Valencian Government has set the registration periods for Infant, Primary, Secondary (ESO) and Bachillerato education, and Torrevieja Councillor José Hurtado asked the media to make sure the public are aware of them. He explained that the period to request places in Infant and Primary schools is from May 9th-19th, while for Secondary and Bachillerato it is May 23rd-June 2nd. The admissions calendar for Professional Training (Formación Profesional) and the Basic Qualification Training Programmes (Programas Formativos de Cualificación Básica) are expected to be published in June. The councillor informed that the Town Hall website ( has an area in the education section with information about the 2016/2017 admissions procedure for pupils, where as well as the decrees and resolutions the application forms and complementary documents can be downloaded. Admissions Calendar for Infant and Primary Education Pupils Until May 4th: Publication of school catchment areas. May 9th: Publication of vacant places. May 9th-19th (both inclusive): Presentation of admission applications and corresponding. documentation at the first choice school. Until May 27th: Evaluation of applications. June 2nd: Publication of provisional lists of those admitted and not admitted. June 2nd-6th (both inclusive): Period to present objections to the provisional lists before the directors of public or subsidised (concertados) schools. Until June 8th: Answers to objections...

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Beach for dogs will be between Torrevieja and Punta Prima

Town Hall approved modification of beaches bylaw on Friday Torrevieja Mayor José Manuel Dolón advanced on Tuesday that the beach where dogs will be allowed in the sea will be located in the area between Torrevieja and Punta Prima, although he did not give more details. The Town Hall Government Board approved the project to modify the municipal bylaw on the use, safety and conservation of the beaches on Friday, in order to set aside an area where dogs, accompanied by their owners, can swim, although the exact location of the zone was not revealed. The council are confident that the measure could be put into motion this summer, once all the legal requirements and deadlines have been complied...

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Burning waste tip no longer emitting toxic gases

Pilar-Orihuela Costa residents relieved action taken after many years View of waste tip covered by tons of earth and sand to seal of escape of toxic gases  Press release by CLARO political party To the great relief of Orihuela Costa residents, in particular those living in Las Ramblas, the front line in receiving toxic gases from the illegal burning waste tip on the Pilar-Orihuela Costa border, action has been take to seal of the emission of burning waste fumes which have constituted a serious health and environmental danger for many years. The action to cover the escape of gases with tons of earth and sand has been insisted on by the new environment friendly government in Valencia. They were spurred to do something about this serious health hazard following complaints by local residents, spearheaded by the Las Ramblas Altamira Community, to the Guardia Civil’s environmental protection arm (SEPRONA) which resulted in the issue being taken up by the Environment Protection Prosecutor and being put before the Orihuela courts. Throughout this two year period the local residents were assisted by C.L.A.R.O. who enlisted the support of the influential action group VERTIVEGA who specialise in denouncing illegal waste tips. C.L.A.R.O working with the President of the Altamira Community initiated and organised Media campaigns, including coverage on a national Spanish television current affairs programme, which ensured that the authorities were obliged to...

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