Activities and competitions for all ages at celebration of local agriculture

Artichokes, potatoes, beans, citrus fruits, pomegranates and hemp will be the starts of the first Farm-food Fair in Almoradí this weekend.

The Plaza de la Constitución will be the stage for this event to support the local agricultural sector and create new businesses by combining farming and services. For this, the organisers have prepared all kinds of activities, aimed primarily at children, like handicrafts, peeling and cooking artichokes, growing citrus fruits and even modern cooking.

Also, at 10:45am on Saturday there will be a competition called New Local Food for which students from the Orihuela Superior Polytechnic School (EPSO) will present new food products made from typical vegetables that are grown in the area.

“The novelty value and possible opportunities to market these products will be interesting for local businesspeople,” said David López of the EPSO food farming and environmental engineering degree.

At 12pm on Sunday there will be a Food Science Competition for local secondary school children to show off some of the original work they have come up with to combine local farm produce and science, explained one of the organisers, Alberto Berenguer.

Searching for the biggest artichoke

Other competitions that are a bit more for fun include one to find the biggest artichoke grown in theVega Baja and another to find the child who can peel the most beans in three minutes. “anyone who wants to enter either competition can do so on the Town Hall website (” explained another of the organisers, Yolanda Rocamora.

Allester, the medical director o the company Vitalgrana, about the benefits of the Mollar pomegranate to improve health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.