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Day: February 17, 2016

Tasers for Torrevieja Local Police temps

Town Hall has ordered 58 electric shock pistols Photo of a Taser X26 pistol used by Local Police forces in Spain Torrevieja Town Hall has ordered 58 Taser electric shock pistols, designed to incapacitate a person or animal, to complete the equipment for temporary local police who are on patrol duty. It is also purchasing 25 new automatic pistols for those armed officers who need to replace their outdated revolvers. Mayor José Manuel Dolón said “we can’t sent temporary officers, who have to go on patrol because of staff shortages, out with just a truncheon. Criminals are very well prepared so it is necessary to improve the tools so officers can guarantee the safety of the public and themselves.” How does a Taser work? These Taser pistols are the model X-26, which is used by the Spanish security forces. They interfere with the muscular nervous system and immobilise the target with electric shocks. The weapons fire sharp hooks which release a 50,000 volt shock when they reach the target’s body, paralysing them for several minutes. There are many different opinions about the use of these weapons, but the prevailing idea is that they are designed as a non lethal weapon. Those who defend these pistols remind that it is not voltage that is dangerous but amps, that is the current the equipment transmits. The Taser pistol normally carries between...

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Proposal to allow pets on an Orihuela beach

Ciudadanos party will put idea to a vote by the council Cala Mosca The Orihuela Ciudadanos party wants space to be made available on part of the municipality’s 17 kilometres of coastline for people who want to bring along their pets. Councillor Luisa Boné explained that they will raise this suggestion as a motion at the next council meeting. It will call on the local government to change the local bylaws on owning and protecting animals, and the safe use and enjoyment of the beaches. These rules currently prohibit animals from access to anywhere along the Orihuela shore. For Boné, this would be an added attraction for tourism because “more and more tourists are travelling with their pets”, and people who stay in other places nearby which lack this service would come to the beaches in Orihuela. “This extra would distinguish us and enable us to remain competitive in the tourism sector, generating wealth and employment,” she assured. The councillor explained that this motion would not allow animals on all the beaches but adapt areas for them on the less busy ones. They propose marking out a few metres for people and pets to enjoy, equipping them with bins, dispensers of bags for excrement, posts for tying animals to and a supply of fresh water. The motion does not specify this should be any specific place as Ciudadanos say...

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Do you want to be a lifeguard?

The Red Cross is teaching a course soon The Orihuela Red Cross has opened the registration period for a training course in lifeguarding for people who want to learn the techniques required to keep people safe in the water and treat medical conditions that could arise in these situations. The course takes 100 hours of theory and practice and is on from March 14th until April 30th. The theory will be held at the headquarters of the Red Cross in Orihuela and the practice at the beaches in Orihuela Costa and the Palacio del Agua indoor swimming pool in the city. There are a total of 16 places available. The requirements to take part are to be over 18 years old, to have passed a first aid course and to pass the selection test, which will be held on March 5th at 4pm. You can register at the Local Assembly office of the Spanish Red Cross in Orihuela, Calle San Agustin, 22, or on the organisation’s website,...

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Torrevieja children to raise 3,000 trees

They will be replanted after a year in green areas around the town Children aged between 6 and 9 in Torrevieja will next week each be given a pine tree to look after for a year, when it will be replanted in one of the town’s green areas. The idea is not only to repopulate Torrevieja with trees but also to make families more aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Mayor José Manuel Dolón said that by giving out these 3,000 pines we show we are supporting the environment, supporting the planting of trees and against climate change, but also on the side of education as we are going to make 3,000 children responsible for some trees that will depend on their care to survive and then be planted. They will know the importance of their involvement in its growth. This is not limited to experiencing one day of planting but they will live together for a year with another living being that thanks to them when it is replanted will keep growing in a more suitable habitat, where they can keep visiting it and enjoying the shade it will provide. Councillor José Hurtado said they chose this age group because looking after the tree will not only involve the children but their families as well. These Aleppo pines will be given out in a ceramic...

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