Torrevieja pilot scheme to reduce maritime rescue response times

This summer Torrevieja will have a new lifeguard service called ‘SalvaDron’, which will use remote controlled aircraft, known as drones.

Councillor Javier Manzanares assured the initiative is “unique in this country”.

He said it will cost €17,990 and shows the council is concerned to guarantee the safety of tourists.

Salvadron includes two drones each with six rotors to carry lifesavers to swimmers who are in danger, remote control devices, communications, image visualisation and, eventually, will also have light signals, megaphones, boats and devices in the water of the swimming areas.

The drones will support the traditional lifeguards by giving swimmers the lifesavers until the rescue arrives, which could considerably reduce the number of drownings as being able to stay afloat and following specialists’ instructions over a megaphone could mean the difference between life and death.

The initial locations of the drone bases are likely to be Playa de la Mata and Cabo Cervera.

Manzanares added that three beaches are being adapted to make them totally accessible for people with reduced mobility by installing infrastructure that will enable wheelchair users to get from the promenades to the sea.

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