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Day: February 9, 2016

Gang arrested for prostituting women by roadsides

Victims were subjected to violence and intimidation and had to hand over most of their earnings The Guardia Civil has caught an organised crime gang that was forcing women to prostitute themselves in the Vega Baja. Two Romanian people have been arrested in Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada, who are charged with allegedly trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation for the the purposes of prostitution. This operation is a continuation of one that began in the north of the province in May 2015 and enabled them to arrest seven people in Teulada and Moraira. Continuing the same line of investigation, but changing the area and without any link between the two organisations, the Guardia detected Romanian woman being pressured by some men to work as prostitutes on roads in the south of the province. They were also being forced to hand over most of what they had earned. The Guardia set up an operation to identify, locate and arrest those responsible, searching two homes in Torrevieja and Pilar, where they arrested two of the members of this dangerous organisation. In the searches they found and confiscated various mobile phones, cash, 10 grams of cocaine and another 10 of methamphetamine, as well as lots of documents which is yet to be analysed. At the moment the arrests were made, several women were also found inside, who are being...

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Free second opinion to oncology patients

Quirón Hospital offer for World Cancer Day Professionals from the Oncology Department of the Quirón Hospital in Torrevieja will give a free multidisciplinary and personalised second opinion to patients who make an appointment from February 15th-19th. This initiative is part of the activities the hospital is promoting for World Cancer Day, which was set up by the World Health Organisation and takes place every February 4th. They have set up a telephone line to ask for an appointment by calling 966 92 57 33. Patients must bring all the documentation they have – test results, biomarkers and examinations – in order to get the most use from their visit, and they will get a report of their diagnosis. The director of the Oncology Department, Dr Antonio Brugarolas said that “patients who have reached the limits of their therapeutic possibilities increase their chances of success by 25% if they are treated by a multidisciplinary and personalised team. This situation is infrequent in traditional oncology (less than 10% of cases) because it is a very complex task which exceeds the knowledge of one speciality and can only be tackled by different specialists working...

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Answers demanded over lack of Entre Naranjos bus service

Socialists criticise it was announced in October but still is not running The Socialist (PSOE) group in Orihuela Town Hall has criticised the delay getting the bus service to urbanisation Entre Naranjos up and running. The councillor for Orihuela Costa, Sofia Álvarez announced in October it would be operational in December. She told a press conference an agreement had been reached with the transport company to enable passengers to change bus at the Torrevieja Hospital stop for one that would stop at the urbanisation. But the Socialist María García has said that “we are in February and nothing is known about this service, which was announced with whistles and bells”. She said this has annoyed the residents of Entre Naranjos and some of them contacted her group to complain about the situation. García also assured that Álvarez has received several emails from residents of the urbanisation asking about the service but they have not received any reply. García also explained her group has contacted the Valencian Government about this but “they are not aware of anyone having asked for any appointment to discuss it”. She reminded that since 2012 Entre Naranjos did have a bus service every Tuesday morning for €3 which also included a guided tour in the municipality. This service was cancelled, she said, because a new service was going to be set up which would include...

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Five years in prison for kidnapping a girl

Victim was held in Torrevieja to hide her pregnancy The Supreme Court has condemned four men from the same family to five years in prison for kidnapping a girl who was she was pregnant by one of them. It happened in Torrevieja in 2011 when, according to the sentence, the four convicted men hatched a plan to hold the girl in a home and in this way hide that she was pregnant. While she was locked in, they gave her products to make her have abortion but the girl never took them out of fear for the effects they might have on her health. The men changed the home they were keeping the girl at three times, from Torrevieja to Orihuela Costa, to avoid doscivery by the National Police, who were investigating her disappearance. Finally the girl was freed by the Torrevieja fire brigade and National Police on August 25th, 2011, who found her alone at the home in Orihuela Costa. She was locked in with no way of communicating or calling for help. The firemen rescued the girl through a window on the upper floor of the bungalow. According to the sentence, the girl has a disorder caused by chronic, acute, post traumatic stress. The Alicante Court had already condemned two of the accused to seven years in prison and the other two to six and a half,...

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