2015 brought high temperatures, stuffy humidity and storms to Torrevieja

2015 was hot and rather dry in Torrevieja, based on the data from the Mastral Project’s weather stations spread around the municipality. They showed that the first half of the year was very dry, the autumn very rainy and there were record high temperatures in December.

The average temperature last year was 19.7ºC, just under one degree above average for the period of reference between 1981 and 2010, while the rain collected was below the 282 litres per square metre (282mm) over the same period.

Practically every month of the year registered an average temperature that was above normal, except February and September when it was lower. Both July and August were very hot with an average temperature of 28ºC, added to which the high humidity levels made some days very stuffy and feel like it was up to 50ºC. December stood out as the average was almost 2ºC above the usual and was the hottest since records began in Torrevieja, in 1927.

A very rainy autumn

When it comes to rain it must be said that the first part of the year was extremely dry with just 50 litres per square metre (50mm) from January to August. When September came, and the Mastral Project received an official rain gauge from the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET), the rain came too, along with storms and hail, which accumulated more than 120 litres per square metre (120mm) in just a few hours. October was also a rainy month, particularly the storm on the 19th which left over 40 litres per square metre (40mm) in a very short time. In fact the autumn of 2015 was one of the rainiest in recent years.

Possible water spout

November began with strong gusts of wind which caused lots of damage in Torrevieja. The gusts exceeded 80km/h but, luckily, nobody was hurt. AEMET and the Mastral Project believe that before dawn on the 2nd a water spout could have reached land in Torrevieja in the form of a tornado. This is indicated by the data showing pressure, wind and temperature registered in the town.

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