German driver left victim unconscious after accident in Torrevieja

A Guardia Civil Sergeant who was off duty has managed to arrest a person who ran over a pedestrian in Torrevieja town centre after a chase through the streets as far as the N-332.

It happened on December 30th at about 6pm. The Sergeant was driving when he saw a car knock a pedestrian more than 5 metres through the air. As a result the man was unconscious on the ground but the driver who did it did not even stop and abandoned him and drove away.

While the pedestrian was being attended to by passers by, the officer decided to follow the car, which noticed he was after him and started moving recklessly through the streets at a time when there was a lot of traffic. The driver was making evasive manoeuvres which clearly endangered other road users, right up to the junction where he joined the N-332.

After several kilometres of chase and after calling for help from any patrols on duty, the Sergeant managed to get the driver to stop and, with the help of one of these patrols, arrested him.

The man they arrested, who is German, was charged with an offence of reckless driving.

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