Local symphony orchestra to start 2016 season with Three Kings concert

The Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra (OST) has presented its programme for 2016 at the International Auditorium. Councillor Alejandro Blanco and members of the orchestra, including its conductor José Francisco Sánchez and president Pelayo Mellado explained what they have planned.

Their traditional Three Kings Concert, on January 6th at 7pm, will be “very special for its music and its stage design”, said Mellado, and at the interval the audience will be offered a cocktail.

The conductor indicated “it will be a fun concert as the occasion calls for, in which pieces of zarzuela (Spanish operetta), ballet. Hungarian and Polish dances and waltzes will be played, amongst others.

This concert is included in the season ticket for the 2016 programme, the rest of which is made up of a concert of works by Beethoven on February 20th, with the pianist Jorge Carrasco; one of pieces by Beethoven and Mendelssohn on April 23rd; one on May 21st of pieces by Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky; and finally one on October 22nd with compositions by Mozart and Dvorak.

Mellado encouraged classical music lovers to get a season ticket because it will save them money compared to buying tickets for each individual concert but especially because they will get the best seats in the house.

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