LAN Party at La Lonja auditorium

Orihuela Town Hall has organised a LAN Party as part of this month’s campaign of technology-based events aimed at young people in the municipality aged between 12 and 35 years old.

More information and registration for the activities is available by telephone on 966738044 or 625355717 or in person from the Town Hall Youth Department (Concejalía de Juventud) or Youth Centre (Casa de la Juventud).

The LAN party will be held at La Lonja auditorium in Orihuela city, beginning on Friday, November 27th with the opening of the Consoles Zone and the LAN zonem where visitors can connect the PCs or consoles they have brought with them to the internet.

On Saturday it will be open from 4pm to 10pm, including a talk about new technologies, the Consoles and LAN zones, game tournaments and prize draws.

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