Couple caught on camera, and by police, unable to contain their desire

With Spain still reeling from the sexual misadventures of British tourists in Magaluf hitting the headlines, it is perhaps not surprising that a couple being on camera “in flagrante” in the middle of Torrevieja would generate headlines.

Spanish website DIARIO DE LA VEGA assures the incident is the talk of the town in bars. The amorous adventures of a totally naked couple having sex on a Gaudi style bench in the Plaza de Waldo Calero could have been a mere anecdote were it not for a video recording from a mobile phone and a report by the Local Police.

The report says the Local Police arrived at the scene at 6:30am, alerted by passers by who reproached the couple for their attitude. This pair reportedly acted cockily and when the officers approached to identify them, they were laughed at and told to go away and not bother them. The officers’ report states that both people were “totally nude in the middle of the promenade having sex”. The couple face fines for “altering the public order” under the new Public Security Law.

The recording, which is more reminiscent of Magaluf nights than the residential tourism of Torrevieja, took place in a very busy area near the port and the seafront. The plaza has restaurants and cafes and has been immortalised in numerous photos used for postcards and publicity for the town.

The link to the origin al Spanish article, including the video in question, is HERE although viewers must be advised the content is very explicit, even if the couple’s faces have been obscured to hide their identity.