Orange alert for high temperatures was activated on Monday

The intense heat we have been suffering since almost the end of June has not intention of giving us any respite over these last days of July. Although the temperatures have not been exceptionally high, in combination with the humidity – which was up to 95% in Aguas Nuevas – the temperature has felt like about 45ºC.

As well as the sweltering days, the temperatures at night have also been remarkable. On Sunday it did not drop below 27ºC in Torrevieja, something which has not happened since 2008. In Orihuela and Almoradí the temperature did not drop below 25ºC and at Alicante-Elche airport it was the hottest night since records began in 1967.

The week has started with a notable rise in temperature in our area, well over 30ºC and approaching 40ºC in some parts inland. For this reason, the State Meteorology Agency activated the orange alert in the south of Alicante Province, especially for areas further away from the coast. The temperatures should drop a bit on Tuesday but they will stay very high all week, especially on Thursday and over the weekend.

In these episodes of high temperatures it is recommended to hydrate yourself continuously, avoid physical exercise and activities in the open air during the central hours of the day, as well as to pay special attention to children, elderly people and the ill because they are the most vulnerable groups to heat stroke.

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