Video games are principally enjoyed at home but LAN Parties are events that now attract thousands of people to enjoy them as a group, get to know each other, show off their skills and share tips and tricks. A LAN party is also an excellent way to try new games or consoles and find out more about the world of video games and technology.

At this first LAN Party in Torrevieja there will be tournaments, free playing, talks, prizes and free gifts. It is expected to attract about a thousand people between registered participants and visitors.

The Pabellón Municipal de Deportes (Municipal Sports Pavilion) ‘Cecilio Gallego’ will be divided into two distinct areas. One will be for the Campus Party competition, to be held on Saturday, April 11th from 4pm until 8am on Sunday with up to 100 participants, of whom so far 80 have already signed up. Registration is free and can be requested by sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected] including your name, surname and phone number, or send these details by WhatsApp to 625 35 57 17.

As well as this area, there will be another for visitors including an area for playing games on consoles, PCs, etc. This will be open from Friday, April 10th between 5pm and 11pm, as well as the same hours as the Campus Party.

To complement the fun, the Town Hall has organised some educational talks (in Spanish) for the Saturday evening.

8pm: Developing games and getting jobs in the sector, by ESAT Valencia

9:30pm: Online Marketing, by the Academia Informedia, Torrevieja

11pm: Multimedia Studies, by Pixel Juice Torrevieja

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