35 Torrevieja establishments offer delicious dishes at low prices2015-02-05-cazuelica-ok-h

In Torrevieja there are 25 restaurants taking part in the ‘Cazuelica y Vino’ (Little cooking pot and wine) gastronomic event until Sunday, February 8th. This is the second such event organised by the local Hospitality Business Association, the AEHTC.

Each place is offering a choice of two delicious tapas-sized portions of hearty homecooked meals for just €2, which can be accompanmied by a glass of specially selected good wine for €1.50.

It’s the perfect way to warm your cockles on a chilly February weekend. To download the menu details go to http://www.torrevieja.es/sal/noticias/2015/02/La%20Cazuelica%20y%20el%20Vino/DIPTICO%20CAZUELA%20Y%20VINO%202015.pdf