An anlysis of the chaotic weekend weather by Pedro José Gómez Cascales of MeteOrihuelalow pressure

Satellite image clearly showing the centre of a low pressure system over the Balearic Islands. Taken Sunday, November 30th [Source: TERRA (Modis)].

What an end to November! A BFA (Isolated Cold Depression – another term for a gota fría) has caused chaos across most of Spain, causing seriously adverse meteorological conditions. In the Vega Baja del Segura area, it was expected that Saturday would be the most unstable, according to all the analyses of meteorological models, with rain right from the start in the early morning, a pause during the middle of the day and a second round of rain (but more intense) during the evening and night. However, this last instalment did not happen because the disturbance was pushed slightly to the north, leaving us outside of the “attack zone”.

One has to take into account that the Mediterranean area is very difficult to predict, because of the “geographical hive” we are stuck in. This is accentuated when unusual situations occur on our latitude, like a deep centre of low pressure, creating an erratic and anomalous scenario.

This is why the instability had greater effect on Sunday, when the disturbance was located over the Balearic Islands. There was even talk of a “Medicane” (Mediterranean Hurricane) in Ibiza. In any case, it was without doubt a situation to remember. Also, as is usual, the heaviest rain was recorded in the provinces of Valencia, Cataluña, Tarragona, Barcelona and Girona.

In the Vega Baja the recorded rainfall over the weekend was as follows:

Orihuela: 18,6 L/m²

Guardamar del Segura: 16,8 L/m²

Ciudad Quesada: 12,5 L/m²

Torrevieja: 7,4 L/m²

Finally, another curiosity linked to the weather over the past few days has been the severe drop in atmospheric pressure. Some of you will surely have notices headaches or stinging scars, etc. If this was the case, then you are what is called as a meteorosensitive person. Along with the barometric fall, the level of the sea rose noticeably, causing a long series of destruction along the coast.

Oveer the next few days, the stormy weather will abate. Big, clear spaces will open in the sky, although the maritime winds will increase cloudiness towards the end of the week. All this will be accompanied by a slight drop in the temperatures at last as we enter the month of December.  

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