Pressure drop caused headaches and aching scars for someorihuela bridge

By Pedro José Gómez Cascales of MeteOrihuela

The arrival of a cold front has radically changed the weather in less than 24 hours. On the first day of this week there were people swimming at the beaches of the Costa Blanca, basking in temperatures well over 20ºC and even up to 25ºC in several parts of south east Spain.

But suddenly there was a brusque change with rain, strong gusts of wind and a pronounced drop in temperatures.

In the Vega Baja del Segura area the amount of rainfall was as follows:

Benferri: 17 Litres per square metre

Callosa de Segura: 13 L/m²

Orihuela: 11 L/m²

Torrevieja: 10,4 L/m²

Rojales: 9,6 L/m²

Guardamar del Segura: 9 L/m²

In general the maximum temperatures dropped by 6-7ºC compared to Monday but this felt colder due to the wind chill factor. Also some people reported suffering headaches, aching scars and other complaints. This occurs in “meteorosensitive” people as a result of the significant drop in atmospheric pressure.

Over the next few days the sky will remain slightly cloudy or clear, without risk of rain, at least until the weekend. The freshness will stay with us, making a coat a good idea at the beginning or end of the day. On Friday the temperatures may start to recover.

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