Residents’ Association claims residents paying €500,000 for projectwater deposit san miguel

At the latest council meeting in San Miguel de Salinas, on the last Thursday of August, the Partido Popular (PP) council approved the construction of a deposit for drinking water in the urbanisations of Las Filipinas, but the work had already begun two months previously.

The company, which was supposed to do the work in 2012, according to the drinking water service contract, finally presented a project that was totally different from what they had planned. It was in a different location, had a smaller capacity and therefore cost less.

The Residents Association San Miguel Arcángel complained that residents will be seriously out of pocket because they have been paying €500,000 in additional charges on their water bills since 2012 for work that is not being done on time nor for the agreed budget.

The company, Gestagua-Generala, was asked by the Town Hall to build a water pipe network and deposit in Las Filipinas in return for the privatisation of the service. The residents explained that instead of doing the work on time, the company rented the old deposits from the previous supply company in 2013. This resulted in the location they had planned for the new deposit being changed and this was approved by the local PP at the beginning of this year but it was still not until this summer that they started work on the new deposit, which is now on land that has not been given to the Town Hall and where the two old deposits were. The company is maintaining one of the old deposits and replacing the other, so instead of one big new deposit, the residents are getting an old one and a smaller new one.

The residents say the council’s handling of this is unacceptable, giving the company far to much leeway and conning the residents out of money.  

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