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Day: August 20, 2014

Farmer dies in rotavator accident

The man was working at a large farm near Los Montesinos A Spanish man, aged between 60 and 65, was killed on Monday afternoon, when he got trapped between the blades of a rotavator – a machine which is hooked up to a farmer’s tractor in order to plough the land. The incident occurred at around 5pm on a large estate located between the towns of Los Montesinos and Algorfa. According to security forces, the farmer was walking behind the tractor, which was being operated by a companion and, for reasons unknown, became too close and got caught in the rotating blades. The source highlighted that farmers are accustomed to walking behind the machinery to ensure that it is working efficiently, but always keeping a safe distance of 3 to 4 metres. It is not known at this stage whether the man decided to climb on board the tractor, or neglected to observe the safety perimeter. Fire fighters from Torrevieja were the first on the scene. They observed that the injured farmer was still alive when they arrived, but died shortly after the SAMU ambulance crew arrived. It was clear that there was nothing that they could do to save his life. Local Police and Guardia Civil from Torrevieja also attended the incident. The authorities have not yet been able to question the driver of the tractor, who remains...

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Guardamar council calls for action against vandalism

Residents are urged to report incidents to police to stop the damage Guardamar town hall has requested citizen cooperation, in a bid to end the “four month long” attack on the town’s own “Archaeological Heritage” areas, which has now expanded to the south park, where this morning, municipal operatives have discovered several vandalised benches; and waste paper bins which have been destroyed or set alight. The town hall wished to remind residents that “repairs to the damaged equipment will not only eat into the municipal coffers, but also affect those who visit our public resting areas, such as the south park, where they can no longer take the weight off their feet after a walk”. The authorities appeal to anyone who witnesses any incidents of suspicious behaviour or vandalism to report it to the police immediately, so that security in affected zones may be increased and the problem dealt with...

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Homophobic chanting at August parade

Young Socialists claim such actions send the wrong message to youngsters Spokesperson for the Socialist Youth Board of Torrevieja, Carlos Sánchez, urged PP Youth Councillor, Luis María Pizana to explain why “homophobic chants” were being voiced during the street parade held on Sunday, August 17th. Sánchez announced: “The use of expressions of that nature, during a parade which is mainly being enjoyed by young families, gives a suggestion that this is perfectly acceptable social behaviour, and could easily provoke copycat attacks over the personal preferences of others.” In the words of the Secretary General, “Our city has always been shown as an open and welcoming city, which has been demonstrated by the local council team on numerous occasions.” However, according to the Socialists, the evidence that was seen on Sunday, and has since been reflected in the press and via social networking websites, “creates an entirely different image.” The Socialist Youth Board, announced that it will use its authority to present the matter before the next plenary meeting of the Municipal Council, unless Luis María Pizana offers a viable explanation for the incident, and confirms that such behaviour will “no longer be witnessed in events which Torrevieja residents have paid...

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CLR complains over treasury changes

Council dismisses Treasurer of 20 years without consulting opposition On 22nd July, the government team of Orihuela (PSOE and Los Verdes), announced the termination of the contract of the Municipal Treasurer, who had held the position at the town hall for twenty years. During a press conference held on Tuesday, the Liberal Party (CLR) claimed that it has not been given access to a report issued by the Valencian Government, which resulted in the Treasurer’s dismissal. The party was informed that the Regional Auditing Department had “recommended” that the position of Treasurer should always be assigned to someone with a University Degree relative to that sector. In a statement, the Liberals claim that they have been requesting to see evidence of the alleged government report since its issue, and the proceeding announcement of the Treasurer’s dismissal made by Finance Councillor, Carolina Gracia, and acting Mayor, Antonio Zapata. However, they claim that they have repeatedly been denied access to the official report. They also state that the Treasurer concerned first learned of his dismissal through reports in the media, and has yet to be given any official notification of his replacement, so continues to conduct his normal duties. CLR concluded that this is not an isolated incident, as there have been several occasions where they have requested to review municipal documents, which have remained unanswered by the council. These included...

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