Benejúzar woman loses appeal over mental disorder

María del Carmen García, a woman from Benejúzar who was convicted of killing her daughter’s rapist, went to prison on Thursday after the Alicante Provincial Court turned down calls to suspend her sentence from several associations, which claimed she suffers from a “very serious and incurable mixed adjustment disorder”.

She had already served a year on remand in 2006 and was sentenced for murder and causing injuries to five and a half years in 2009 after the initial term of 9 years was reduced because at the time she suffered a mental disorder.

The crime dates back to 2005 when María del Carmen garcía came across her daughter’s rapist – who was on a pass out of jail – and, after soaking him in petrol in the bar he was at the time, set him on fire, while eventually caused his death.

The court order stated that she “is not in a situation that could be considered a very serious illness and with incurable suffering”. However, it did not doubt the “seriousness” of her pain, but considered that, “at present, she seems balanced and controlled”.

As a result, the previous order from the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) came into effect, which required the woman to turn herself in to prison voluntarily to complete her sentence.

At the doors of the courts in Elche – where she went that morning with her daughter – the family lawyer, Joaquín Galant, wanted to make it clear that the point of the punishment “was her rehabilitation and she is already rehabilitated”.

For this reason, he revealed that the moment María del Carmen García got into prison, he was “going to ask the judge responsible for overseeing sentences for her freedom”.