Tribute to Carmen Amaya at Orihuela’s Teatro Circo tomorrowCarmen Amaya

At 9pm on Saturday, March 8th, the dance show ‘De Carmen, Bailando en la Arena’ (About Carmen, Dancing in the Sand) is on at the Teatro Circo in Orihuela as one of the events to mark International Women’s Day.

Carmen Amaya was a unique artist born in the Barcelona shanty town neighbourhood of Somorrostro who ended up seducing half the world with her skills. She died in 1963, aged 50 in the bedroom of her home in Begur, Cataluña, from a kidney problem that her frenetic dancing had kept at bay.

She show starts off in that same room and takes the audience on a choreographed and musical journey back through a poetic version of her life. From grief and sadness to defiance and extreme vitality, the show remembers this undefinable, genuine and deep woman, this Catalan and universal gypsy with a small frame, a tragic face and a dark gaze.

The show mixes music and flamenco with contemporary dance, and is directed by María Rovira, who won the National Dance Prize in 1998. Her company, Transit Dance has designed training programmes for conservatories, national ballet schools and cultural centres around Spain and internationally.