ADIS criticise new requirement to pay 90% of incapacity benefit to live in a residential home

 Josefina Valero ene14

Disable people in the Valencian Community will have to pay 90% of their incapacity benefit to stay in residential homes under the copayment requirements imposed by the national government. The president of Association for the Disabled ADIS Vega Baja, Josefina Valero said the situation is “very serious” as until now these people only had to pay 50% of their benefit. As well as this additional expense, they will also have to pay for other costs such as medication and clothing.

The copayment also affects day centres, for which the state can charge users up to 65% of a disabled person’s incapacity benefit.

“These resolutions endanger the attention that disabled people need, they are not going to cover their bare necessities. We have lost all the rights that we obtained for disabled people and gone back 40 years,” she said.

Valero explained that ADIS has presented a complaint to the Valencian ombudsman (Sindic de Greuges) and are planning to set up a protest group against the charges. But she went further by encouraging everyone affected by the copayment to declare themselves conscientious objectors.

“If everyone who has to pay refuses then the Valencian Government will have to back off,” she assured.

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