Town Hall puts emphasis on social spending and public infrastructures in urbanisations

Foto Pleno Rojales 16dic2013

On December 12th, a full council meeting at Rojales Town Hall approved the municipal budget for 2014, which amounts to almost 12 million euros, almost one million more than it was for this year.

This includes some €70,000 to help struggling residents who cannot even pay for their electricity or water. There are also €40,000 for grants to help people who are studying outside of Rojales and for the 35 associations of all kinds in the municipality.

Mayor Antonio Pérez said the council had created 180 temporary work contracts, an amount that they are going to try to increase next year “because some of our residents are suffering the consequences of having no work”.

In this sense, he criticised the central Government for having ordered a freeze on public employment as this, in his opinion, “we can only contract indirectly, which entails that the Town Hall must assume the 21% for IVA (VAT), the social security, the cost and the profits”.

The Town Hall has assigned €30,000 for “improvement and repair works” to the Principe de España Primary School because it is “almost a ruin”.

There are also €16,500 euros for the local Water Court to “empower and improve” the municipality’s farming organisation, while more than €700,000 will be used to improve, maintain or create new infrastructures in various urbanisations, Rojales town centre and Heredades.

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