The project is supported by Cáritas and made up of six people

Gallud y cooperativa

Orihuela Town Hall has signed an agreement with a cooperative associated with the Gema Project that will collect old home appliances from homes around the municipality.

Councillor for Employment and the Environment Manuel Gallud explained that the cooperative was set up in San Vicente del Raspeig, where they have their headquarters. They were inspired by a course given by the Catholic church charity Cáritas and the Canastell Institute that was aimed at people in danger of exclusion from society who collected scrap, which obtained first prize from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Education for Development.

The manager of the cooperative, Serafín García said the people who attended the course learned how to value domestic appliances in such a way that when they finished they decided to set up their own scheme.

They started with two employees and now have six, who test the appliances and if they work, sell them. If they do not work, they scrap them and sell the parts separately.

Residents who want to get rid of any home appliances can call 96 517 6642 or email [email protected] and the cooperative workers will come around to collect it. They have also set up a website,

García thanked Orihuela Town Hall, which is letting them treat any appliances that are collected by the municipal furniture collection service and making a warehouse available for them to store all the items that they collect. He noted that the aim of the initiative is self employment to get people at risk of being marginalised by society back into work.