The controversial seafront housing estate in Orihuela

Iñaki LV

Green party MEP Iñaki Irazabalbeita, after visiting the landfill in La Murada, on Thursday (September 19th) went to another site of controversy in Orihuela, this time on the coast. Cala Mosca is the last stretch of virgin coastline in the municipality but was earmarked by the previous council for an extensive housing development.

The MEP explained that he had not known that there were still two kilometres of coastline that were not built up, as the massive amount construction that went on is infamous, or that there are protected species of flora and fauna in the area. In this sense, he suggested to the Town Hall that it sets out a plan to “allocate funds for the environmental development and care of the area”, in a way that “unites public and private interests”.

“This land should be left as a reminder for future generations of what the coast used to be before it was built on,” he said.