Author to present study of Torrevieja’s bombardment by the Italian air force 


libro bombardeoMiguel S. Puchol, author of several books about the bombardments during the Spanish Civil War, is to present his new title, ‘Bombardments in Torrevieja’ on Friday (August 24th) at 9pm, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of this event.

Puchol Franco, who will be accompanied by Francisco Sala, Torrevieja’s official historian, analyses the bombardments of targets in the town after numerous interviews with witnesses, analysis and study of a large amount of data compiled from Spanish and foreign archives.

This is not the first book about the Torrevieja bombardment, as local historian Carolina Martínez wrote ‘Un pueblo en la retaguardia’ (A town on the rearguard) published by Siete Mares in 2007.