The activities begin on July 26th and highlights include concerts by Murcia pop band Varry Brava and top international youth orchestras

Isabel Martínez 10jul13

The performance of four orchestras in the International Youth Orchestra Festival, organised by the Alicante Provincial Council, is one of the cultural novelties of the programme for the Almoradí Fair and Moors and Christians Fiestas. Participating are the Orquesta de Jóvenes de la Provincia de Alicante, the Twis Youth Orchestra from Brussels, the Jugendorc Hester Oberthurgau from Switzerland and the Joven Orquesta Provincial de Málaga. Entrance is free.

Councillor for fiestas Isabel Martínez highlighted the open character and the importance of public participation in these festivities that combine traditions with music aimed at younger people. She also noted the involvement of more than 20 local associations in the activities. Martínez revealed that the day with the most going on is Friday the 26th of July, on which this year’s queens and maids of honour are proclaimed in the Plaza de la Constitución, and with the Festival Almoradí Jove (Youth Festival) in the Pabellón Venancio Costa, with performances by the bands Eskorzo and Varry Brava, amongst others. On Saturday we have the Desfile del Bando Huertano (Farmers’ Band Parade).

Every day there are different sporting and recreational activities and they end with music in the Barraca de la Juventud (Youth Hut), where local bands will also be playing.

Wednesday July 31st is the transition between the Fair and the Moors and Christians Fiestas, which is symbolised with the Retreat, a parade that was restored years ago in a modest fashion but has turned into one of the most attractive activities. As well as the presentation of the fiesta officials that Thursday and the entrance parades of the Moors and Christians (Friday and Saturday), there is the Embajada del Barril (Ambassador of the Barrel), a unique local festivity, and the taking of the castle.

Of a different nature are the religious ceremonies on Tuesday the 30th, the fiesta of the Santicos de La Piedra (Saints of the Stone), a local fiesta in whose honour the Fair and the Fiestas are held.

There is also another new addition to these fiestas which is the Instagram photo competition, the rules of which can be found at and the full fiesta programme is in English as well as Spanish at